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Isrotel's seven hotels in Eilat are all conveniently located along the north shore. The King's Wharf and the Royal Beach boardwalk are next to the hotels. The marina and the Red Sea Sports Club offer every type of water sports.

This combination creates a total holiday environment featuring varied restaurants, discos, entertainment, shopping, and activity programs that never ends.

We offer 3 main special tourist packages: for 10 nights, 7 nights and 4 nights.

For prices please click on the hotel photo.
For more information, other packages, and reservations please contact us. More information can be found in the English information booklet.

Royal Beach Eilat

The main hotel and playing area.

Royal Beach Eilat redefines the term 'luxury'. All the three hundred and sixty four rooms and suites are exceptionally elegant and spacious. All rooms and suites are lavishly furnished. Visit Royal Beach Eilat and enjoy a top-quality and luxurious hospitality.
From the moment guests enter the hotel until the moment of leaving, they enjoy a fantastic getaway with luxurious facilities, the perfect vacation.

Isrotel King Solomon

Guests of the King's floors, the top three stories of Isrotel King Solomon, are entitled  to various benefits including free access to The King's Lounge (visitors must be 16 or older). The pleasant parlor is located on the 12th floor and opens directly to a big sun balcony with patio lounge chairs that overlook the city of Eilat and The Red Sea.

Playing area for the main event and only 5 min walk from the main playing area.

Isrotel Royal Garden

Isrotel Royal Garden consists of three sections (built around the tropical garden) with three hundred and thirty one suites; all include a bedroom, a kitchenette, a living room and a dining area. There are also bigger suites available, with a massive living room, a master bedroom, a kids' room, and two bathrooms.

Just across the street from the playing area.

Isrotel Lagoona (all inclusive)

The meals, ice creams, drinks and pastries – all free, without limitations. You are free to do whatever you want to, when you want it, without having to pay for anything at all. Treat yourself to the perfectly relaxing holiday.

3 min walk from the playing area.

Isrotel Riviera Club

All rooms, suites and mini-apartments have an equipped kitchenette and a dining area that give guests the opportunity to be both self sufficient and independent. Visitors can enjoy complete privacy and follow their own schedule. The perfect choice for juniors and basically for everyone who is looking for a fun vacation in a pleasant atmosphere and affordable prices.

4 min walk from the playing area.

Isrotel Sport Club (all inclusive)

Isrotel Sport Club All Inclusive was reopened in 2013, after extensive renovation in its three hundred and twelve rooms as well as in the public areas. The unique modern design, the 'active' staff, the sport activities, the activities for children as well as the great food make this hotel the best choice for sport lovers as well as for anyone who enjoys top-quality all-inclusive holidays.

2 min walk from the playing area.

Isrotel Agamim

The hotel is known for its "on the water" rooms which open onto the main pool. The resort's name, Agamim (lakes) is derived from these private pools entries. The atmosphere is very relaxed, no loud music or noises just chill-out music and vibes between the hammocks, sitting areas and hang out zones.

10 min walk from the playing area.

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